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5 Habits Engraved Into My Life Because Of Mama

It's Mother's Day and It's a time of reflection of the special moments we all had with our mothers. As a new member of motherhood and the experiences that came with it, I feel like a huge debt is owed to my own mother. She taught me to have thick skin, she taught me to be patient and many more. There are a few habits that I have inserted into my life routine without giving it a second thought and I thought I'd share it with you.

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1. Make your bed as soon as you wake up

I cannot start my morning unless my bed is made. I've tried to leave it, but it always ends up bugging me at the back of my mind. The notion of making my bed not only helps me feel ready to start my day but it also evokes clarity to my night time routine, helping me look forward to the morning. Plus, rolling into my freshly made king bed at night makes me feel so comfy.

2. Skincare

All mothers do it. Nag you about how you should be taking care of your face while you're young and that there are irreversible consequences that will happen if you don't. Well, we all hate to admit it, but they were absolutely correct. However, I am forever grateful that I was forced to take care of my face. Because I was forced, I was fortunate to have great skin. Now, I cannot go to sleep without my 10 step (Yes, I know. The routine is hefty) skin regimen. I love waking up to hydrated skin and having great skin allows my make up application to look flawless when applied on. I think the only downfall of this habit is the price that comes with the skincare obsession.

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3. Fruits, Veggies and H20. I used to resent my mom for forcing me to drink carrot juice, eat vitamins, eat salad, drinking water etc. As a kid, I did not acquire a taste for anything that tasted healthy. I used to heave just from the scent. Eventually, I got used to the taste. The moment I went to university, I all of sudden frequently craved for it. I cannot eat a dish without having a side salad, side vegetables and water! So diet routines these days aren't as difficult to adapt to in terms of taste and there are so many health benefits to adapting fruits, vegetables and water into your food.

4. Say "Please, Thank you, Opo" My mom was always reluctant on me going to other people's houses as a kid. She did not want my friend's parents to feel like they were responsible for me. Eventually she gave into the fact that I was kid and that I was going to hangout with my friends regardless of what my mom says. I guess you can say I was a bit of a rebellious kid. However, I was a rebellious kid that had the habit of manners etched into my brain. My mom always scolded me saying "You must always say please and thank you or your friend's parents will think you're rude and don't have manners." In Filipino culture, it is always important to address our elders (Aunt, Uncle or Grandparent figure) with "po" and always respond with "Opo", which means yes or "Hindi Po" means no. For example, when saying hello, regardless if it's in Togalog or english, you must always say hello to your elders by saying "Hello, Po." Or When you say Thank you, saying "Thank you, Po" is more respectful. This is a high expectation in Filipino culture, and an easy way to gain points with Elders *wink wink*.

Photo by Ales Krivec

5. Practising Patience & Forgiveness This was always a big challenge for me as a kid and did not see the importance of this habit until I was a lot older. When they say Time Heals All Wounds, It really is the best form of cure for all pain; emotional and physical. As a kid, I was always upset and short-tempered when I didn't get what I want right away or when things didn't go my way. When I finally went through my own personal adversities, it humbled me enough and forced me to learn how to be patient. It gave me the perspective of knowing that whatever challenges I'm facing, is an opportunity to learn and that my high point of success is en route but not yet meant to be for me. Being patient also taught me to be a lot more understanding about the people around me and how to handle negativity. It taught me not to react so quickly to people's negative behaviour and to think about why they might be acting that way. For example, If someone has the audacity to judge my way of life, or even the way I raise my daughter, and someone provides negative unsolicited advice with a passive aggressive tone. (ex'Oh, THAT is how you're planning on putting her to sleep?' 'Are you NOT breastfeeding her?' 'Omg, I'm so busy and tired. You're so lucky you are home all the time and have so much time to do everything' [that last one probably makes me laugh the most]" I always try to be more understanding and think about the root cause of why people say the things they do. Maybe these people aren't parents have yet to go through what a new parent has gone through or maybe their experience as a new parent was traumatic and they are just oblivious to their reaction. I want to give people the benefit of the doubt and think that people have their own pace at learning how to not be insensitive with the words they choose to use.

It is because of all of these habits that life seems brighter and tolerable during those cloudy days and I have my mom to thank. Even until this day, my mom is always trying to nurture me in becoming the best woman I can be.

To all Mothers out there, mothers of children, mothers of fury pets, motherhustlers and mompreneurs, we appreciate everything you've done for us!

Happy Mother's Day!

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