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5 Ways to Balance WFH and Being a Full-Time Parent

Regardless of how your method of parenting looks like, it's still pretty exhausting to be responsible for taking care of another human life. We are responsible for thinking about feeding schedules, naps schedules, creating activities (especially developmental activities right?), spending time with our kids, socializing, etc. So, how are we supposed to balance Working From Home and taking care[teaching, playing, socializing] or our kids? Here are some tips that might help!

1. Create a schedule - Remember the 4th trimester? Remember when we lived in a daily schedule? For some, it might be a while since some of our kids are all grown up, but this is no different. Make sure you create an hour by hour schedule and stick with it. That way a specific time-frame is dedicated for either JUST work or JUST the kids.

2. Designated workspace - It might be a little tough trying to check and respond to emails in the middle of the living room, which might also be the kid's playroom, and where they watch TV. Your workspace can still be in the living room, but make sure you have your own space for just work. Get a desk, or laptop support, accessories, and possibly an accent chair to put in the living room. That way you don't have to be too far away from the kids, but far enough to still have your own bubble to work in.

3. Take advantage of "Nap Time" - This is the time where the little ones are passed out for maybe 30 minutes minimum. Take advantage of this time and use this time to either get a deep hustle into your workload or other things you need to catch up on like working out, eating meals for yourself, or even catching up on the news or TV shows.

4. Set your boundaries - Make sure your company knows your "working hours" that way communication and work can be efficient. Make sure you're also implementing these working hours on yourself as well. It's tough to ignore that *ding* sound when you receive emails so put your phone on do not disturb off working hours. (Add app, search)*

5. Hire or ask for help - Make sure you ask for help when you need it. If you have a partner, make sure they do their share on helping out with the kids. There are also different services that can assist you with certain admin activities like virtual assistants, copywriters, marketing professionals, and more. These services can assist in making the workload more efficient with your time.

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