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BUSINESS TOOLS you didn't know you needed until NOW!

Sometimes finding the right tool can help you save a ton of time, which is key for operating a business. If hiring specific people with a specific skill set isn’t in the budget then these tools might help you achieve great content and organized time management skills. Check them out below:

Ubersuggest - is a tool that provides insights in strategies that are working for others in the market for comparison. It gives you the opportunity to look at your other competitors’ analytics and see what’s working for them.

Canva - Not a graphic designer? Then this tool is for you canva is a content design tool with thousands of templates that you can utilize for your website, social media, presentations, ads and more!

Trello - this is an organized management tool that you and your team can utilize to track and plan Projects and their progress.

Planoly Is a scheduling tool for Instagram and Pinterest. This tool helps with plan and schedule content, hashtags, geotag and It also allows you to sync to your Facebook business page.

Clip drop is an app that can extract any image you capture and paste it on your computer screen. It uses the state of AI to provide the best quality extraction.

PSD mock ups - this is a tool that has templates to help create a personalized design mock up images to present to your clients

Loyalty free image sites - These sites provides loyalty free images that you can utilize if don’t have time to plan a photoshoot.


Style Stock Society



Stocksy - photos at a good price

TONL- diverse options


Lightroom App - a great photo editing tool for your content where you can also customize presets.

Illustrations (If you’re not a graphic designer) -

open peeps


Air table - Easy to use online platform for creating and sharing databases. You can store, organize, and collaborate on information about projects ex. Employee directory, inventory etc.

Description - THIS is a great tool to transcribe videos and audio files (podcasts) into text. It also has the ability to edit text and screen record.

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