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Hello, My Name Is...

Updated: May 11, 2019

Welcome to the Blessanca & Co blog! My name is Blessanca, Founder of Blessanca & Co.

This blog is like a window looking into how life is operated through my perspective as a mom, entrepreneur, wife, girlfriend of girlfriends, a fury-mom, city girl and more!

There are different kinds of women out there in the modern world. We have The Mother, The Career Girl, The Animal Lover, The Entrepreneur and more! Blessanca & Co is about providing a platform for all types of women; creating experiences and resources for these women. We may be based in Toronto, but soon, Blessanca & Co will be an online platform that will be accessible to everyone and anyone around the world!

Even though we're here to share our wisdom with you, we hope we can learn from you too! We want to get to know you too and hear your stories, thoughts. Let's connect, collaborate and enjoy each other's company!

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