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Here are our Favourite Online Mamas

As a new mom, there's nothing better than surrounding yourself with the right network of mamas. It's even better when these mamas know how to shed some light on the struggles you go through as a parent. Here is a list of ONLINE mamas we LOVE and WHY we're keeping them in our network.

1. Dr. Dina Kulik - If you live in Toronto and you watch CP24 News every morning, then you'll know and recognize Dr. Dina Kulik and her morning segment on the news where she answers any COVID-19 related questions. She has also been very informative on her social media platforms, providing tips and information on how to deal with certain things during this pandemic for example: how to handle and wash your produce after you've gone grocery shopping, etc. However, this was not the first we've heard of Dr. Dina Kulik. The Sick Kids Pediatric Emerg Doctor and founder of Kidcrew.com is also the co-founder and co-host of the Moms That Say Podcast, a podcast that focusses on a "mission to bring moms together, revolutionizing maternity leave while also providing no-non sense child health advice, dispelling myths, and empowering parents to parent confidently and raise healthier kids." Make sure to follow Dr. Dina Kulik on Instagram, Tik Tok, podcast platforms, and also visit her website https://kidcrew.com/.

2. Alana Kayfetz, Founder of MomsTO - Alana is the founder of MomsTO , a movement that is redefining maternity leave by uniting a group of "open-minded, fun-loving moms". This organization acts as a sisterhood, making sure all moms are not alone in this journey of motherhood. MomsTo is dedicated to changing the typical stereotypes of motherhood and being the voice to support mothers on their trials and tribulations. Alana, who is a mother of two and soon to be three, is authentic, bright, and honest. Her personality gives us comfort knowing that even a #momboss like her also struggles with different transitions of motherhood. Make sure to subscribe to the MOMSTO newsletter to get the latest updates on events and news on motherhood. You can also follow MomsTo on Instagram and her podcast that she co-host with Dr. Dina Kulik.

3. Amanda Jewson of Baby's Best Sleep - Amanda is another hero that all moms are grateful to have in their network. Amanda is a certified sleep consultant and is also a member of the APSC (Association of Professional Sleep Consultants). She works with families to "create gentle solutions" that work for mothers, their children, and their entire family. She is passionate about helping babies with sleep because she knows that everyone, herself included, has been there. She lives by the philosophy "[Sleep struggles] is not a baby concern or a mom concern; baby sleep is a family concern." Amanda also has an informative podcast called "Slumber Party with Amanda Jewson" dedicated to navigating concerns about sleep and motherhood. Make sure to follow her on Instagram and her podcast. If you have any questions about your or your family member's sleeping habits, patterns, and routine, make sure to connect with her.

4. The Rebel Mamas; Nikita Stanley and Aleks Jassem - Let's be honest, we wish motherhood looked like a the cute photoshoots you see on Instagram, but It's not. Nikita and Aleks, are former party girls who unexpectedly became pregnant, just weeks apart from each other. They combined forces and talents and created rebelmama.com, a platform dedicated to shedding light on the reality of what motherhood by celebrating individuality and authenticity. They're also both authors of the book "The Rebel Mama's Handbook for Cool Moms". Make sure to subscribe to their newsletters and follow them on Instagram.

5. Cat & Nat - If you need a good laugh and need someone to drive those deep thoughts you keep to yourself (you know, the thoughts you can't say out loud because they most like have profanity and a volume at maximum) then Cat & Nat are your gals! They have utilized their talent and voices to bring the community of moms together, which brought their #MOMSTRUTH platform and community go viral with over 500,000 followers. They are also successful authors of the book "Cat and Nat's Mom Truths: Embarrassing Stories and Brutally Honest Advice on the Extremely Real Struggle of Motherhood" and hosts of the podcast "MOMTRUTHS". Make sure to follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. Click here for the latest YouTube video on their topic of Sex during the pandemic.

6. Knixwear's Joanna Griffiths - Joanna Griffith is the founder of Canadian intimate apparel brandwear, Knixwear. She was inspired to create a "comfortable leakproof underwear" line after learning what realities women were facing post-childbirth. There was no product out there that was comfortable and efficient for women. Joanna's mission was to create a brand to help women feel comfortable in their own skin and to display the beauty that is instilled in different women of all shapes, sizes, races, and ages. Joanna is also the co-creator of the most recent project, "Life after Birth" project. The collaboration was created with Carriage House Birth, a Doula Birthing service that brings a holistic approach while also providing education and support to people who are giving birth. This project was created to share authentic birth stories, pregnancy stories, miscarriages, and different journeys to motherhood while also sharing the most intimate and realistic photos of the actual experience. From influencers like Jillian Harris and Sarah Nicole Landry, ALL of the women in this project get real and honest about their birthing experience and emotions. Make sure to follow Knixwear on Instagram and to visit their website to see the latest line of intimate apparel.

7. Gabrielle Union - She's an actress and activist who works on supporting issues around women's health, violence against women, racism, and gender inequality. It was a recent article on Refinery 29 that defined her as the epitome of strength when it comes to parenthood. For someone who has fought through infertility, there seems to be this expectation of constant gratitude and she clearly expresses how "leading with gratitude can exhausting". As she shares her experience on her social media platforms, people who she referred to as the "gratitude police" would critique her saying things like, "But you should be grateful." Her response was "Look, right now, I'm not. I'm angry, annoyed, and frustrated. I am entitled to having feelings that are not completely wrapped in gratitude. That's okay. Everything isn't always rosy." Read the full article here on Refinery 29.

The reality is, the journey of motherhood isn't always pretty and a lot of days our energy depletes to the point where we don't always have a smile on our faces while parenting, but that doesn't mean we do not love our kids or our partners any less. We're all human, we make mistakes and we learn from them and then we move on to the next task to tackle.

“ There is no gold medal for those who guilted themselves the most or who stressed themselves out the most. There is no trophy for performative parenting.”

- Gabrielle Union

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