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Last minute DIY gift ideas to give your mom on Mother's day

So you have about less than 24 hours to figure out what to get your mother, and Amazon or any online delivery services may not be an option anymore.

Here are some DIY gifts you can quickly put together. Oh, add some flowers on top of that.

Via Pinterest - Chili Pepper Madness

1. Chillin' with Chilli Oil

Grab some olive oil, chili oil and voila! You have an easy to make Chili oil. Here's a recipe by Chili Pepper Madness to follow.

2. "Treat yo-self" Spa Kits - It can be a manicure set, a post-bath care kit. Basically a kit where mama can enjoy true "me" time. Throw in some lavender body lotions, nail polish, manicure tool kits, and a bottle of wine to set the tone.

3. Plan to plant a plant - Grab a small pot and twine from the dollar store or even an extra mason jar you have to spare, and buy soil and a pack of seeds and plant a couple of them deep within the soil. Take your twine and wrap it around the neck of the pot/mason jar and tie a bow. To add an additional touch, create a label/write a sweet note.

Photography by @oliaGozha

4. Preserves to preserve - Make mom a strawberry jam or any kind of preserve jam. Here's a simple recipe you can follow by Lord Byron's Kitchen.

5. The way to a mother's heart is...Food - You can make cookies, cakes, or any kind of dish. What matters is that she will be full. Here's a decadent chocolate cake recipe by Slaylebrity.

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