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My Travel Routine: COTTAGE EDITION

On my latest Instagram post, I opened up about how my TYPE A mom side consumed me and I became so obsessive about following every single detail that I have researched on newborn babies, especially their sleep patterns. I was so anxious after being told I was never going to sleep ever again. Then, I realized that EVERY baby is different and EVERY baby has different adjustments. I was WAY too worried that I didn't realize that my daughter didn't need to do ALL of the steps I searched on a typical baby routine. So, with my husband's admirable tolerance to my my superb anxiety and his ability to help me RELAX, I was able to adapt to what our daughter was able to adapt to and I accepted the fact that when you do your research, you take the information that you like and what works for you.

Our experience at the cottage went very well and I should really stop underestimating how much change my daughter can handle. Here are the things we did to help keep her bedtime routine as CLOSE as possible to how we do it at home. Reality is, it's a different environment and it will not be the same but you can definitely do things to keep it as close as possible. 1. TRAVEL CRIB/PACK 'N PLAY - We wanted to make sure she had her own space for sleeping. I know she sleeps on me, she has never napped for more than 45 min (she can usually nap for up to 2 hours) and will never sleep on me or with me consistently at night. So, we bought a pack n play for $20.00 on Let Go. I deep washed it in baking soda and laundry detergent in the tub, rinsed it and air dried it under the sun and it was ready to use for the cottage. I also bought a playpen mattress fitted sheet on amazon.

2. DUCT TAPE AND GARBAGE BAGS - THIS is the part where my family must have thought I was crazy. I duct tape garbage bags to the windows to make it as dim as possible. I learned from Amanda Jewson (Founder of Baby's best Sleep) that my daughter is an early riser and that she gets up when the sun is up. So if a lot of you mamas were wondering why your kids (toddlers too!) woke up up a lot earlier than usual, it was most likely because summer time early sunrise. So, making the room as dark as possible helps keep m baby fast asleep.

3. WHITE NOISE/GOOGLE HOME- We come from a loud family. We like to sing, laugh, run. We're loud walkers and talkers. It's anything but quiet. We use our GOOGLE HOME MINI to project white noise into the room she's sleeping in. White noise does not aid sleep for the baby, but it does cancel any other noise that happens outside of her room.

And that's our routine! Please note that this routine may work for us but may not necessarily work for another baby. Experiment and see what works for your kids.

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