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#TribeThursdays with Phylicia Mendes, Founder of Jubilee Luxury Events Co.

What is the name of your business and what do you do? Jubilee luxury events co. We specialize in bespoke event design & planning.

I am also the owner of multiple businesses. First there’s Luxe in love, a pop-up where we specialize in pop-up events and experiences. Second, is pariah creative, It’s a business that focuses on fashion, entertainment and creative Direction and development. Finally a new but non-released company called PartyHaus, where we specialize in luxury supplies so you can DIY your event at home

Tell me about yourself

I grew up in a very artistic household. My parents were always very supportive of my dreams. I wanted to be a dancer for a really long time, I would say for about 90% of my life. Then for a small period of time I wanted to be a mental health and addictions counselor because I myself suffered and witnessed other people in my life suffer with addiction. Then I found a way to channel all of my creativity and love into hospitality. That's when I got into event planning. From there, I just found 11 passions projects. I have a really big family so I’ve constantly been taught how to prioritize my values and it also taught me how to empathize especially with my clients.

What is the best lesson you’ve learned from being an entrepreneur? There's no such thing as too big of a picture to dream of, but it does take work and devotion. No matter what, there are just as many downs as there are ups.

What is your mission behind JubileeLuxuryEvents , Pariah Creative & The Luxe in love?

Having a passion for art, hospitality and fashion has led me in the direction of learning how to value the art of luxury. One of my first jobs was at a yacht club. I learned so many things about the culture and the history that went into building a private establishment and why the chef and his meals are so important. I just had a larger appreciation for all the things that went into creating this space and when I discovered event planning and design, it was like a light bulb went off in my head that helped me reflect back to this experience. I didn't realize at the time that I can combine my love for fashion, art, people and planning and create some of the most important memories in people's lives. So really Jubilee luxury events represents that journey of appreciating quality and luxury.

Pariah creative was really an outlet created by my group of friends and I. In our community, we struggled with support in fashion and arts. With no supplies or no studio space and even not having enough funding - it was a struggle. However, we noticed that everything was so repetitive in fashion. We wanted to stand out and make something different. So pariah creative is really for the people who aren't afraid to stand out and create something original.

The luxe in love brand was intended to be for people who couldn't afford luxury services. As we were executing the Luxe in Love pop-up, COVID-19 hit the world. We were in the midst of a pandemic. So, I decided to make it a charitable focus where I could give back to the black community and at the same time give back to the people who were affected by COVID, who couldn't afford the lavish wedding they were going to have. We wanted them to still have a luxurious experience for an eighth of the cost. Seeing how a pandemic can effect everything, it really made me realize how much people should appreciate those experiences. I wanted to keep creating it. I want to keep partnering up with charities around the world and creating these pop-up experiences around the world. My next mission is hopefully to start pop-ups in California.

Any advice on days where you feel stuck? Film and music really gives me that drive. I try to watch movies to stimulate a trigger. It doesn't even have to be anything you know overly artistic but something like Alice in Wonderland triggers that lightbulb. When I watch something like that, it gives me my spark. I feel everybody has something that makes them, THEM and my artistic abilities is what makes me me. It pushes me and inspires me.

Who are your biggest inspirations?

Michael de Batek is my biggest inspiration. He was a photographer turned stage designer for over two decades. He has been designing runway stages for Dior, Versace and more. He just goes above and beyond with Design. He's probably my biggest inspiration. My next would be Kanye West. I love that he's so authentic. He’s very vocal and tries to bring that out of box thinking and creativity with all things like history and religion and then produces that vision into music and fashion. Lastly, would be Drake because I love his devotion to his dreams and his brand. It inspires me when I see somebody from Toronto doing that.

What is one thing you would share to those who want to become a Event Planner/Business Owner? Just when you think there's too many of us in our segregated saturated markets, there isn't.

That dream you have. Go for it. Do it.

Find out who you are, and find out where you fit in.

Find out who your client is, let them come to you.

Don't go looking for it because it will naturally come to you and everything will roll out.

What is your social media handle and available contact information? @jubileeluxuryevents


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