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#TribeThursdays with Sincerely Image

This #TribeThursday series cannot happen without mentioning my partner in crime, business and lifestyle, Rachel Pangilinan of Sincerely Image.

Sincerely Image is "A lifestyle company that offers creative services for conscious, creative and underrepresented people. Our main focus is to help tell your sincere stories and to capture perfectly imperfect moments" (Sincerely Image)

When someone is in their journey and search for their "tribe" there are a few things to look for: A balanced Partnership, aligned missions and values and most of all, being able to automatically absorb energy with their mere existence, which is everything that describes my relationship with Rachel. She is constantly striving to experiment with new choices, methods and places. Her practice in art and design is carefully crafted as she utilizes natural traits of her subjects since she believes their individual traits is what exemplifies their natural beauty.

Tune in to today's interview and discover what goes on in the mindset of a creative genius who wears many hats.

B: Tell me about yourself

R: I'm a daughter to Filipino immigrant parents. I'm a big dreamer. Super impulsive. I like to say that I'm a creative, because I do a lot of different things. I like wearing many hats. I'm a wife to a supportive husband and mom to twin girls, Artemis and Apollo.

B: What is the name of your business and what do you do?

R: I'm the founder of Sincerely Image, which is a lifestyle service + community for the creative, conscious + underrepresented. I also recently joined the Flow Journal App team as one of their UX designers. Full-time, I'm a graphic designer in the print flyer industry (currently I do the Sleep Country flyers).

B:What is the best lesson you’ve learned from being an entrepreneur?

R: A few lessons, actually: When things get really busy, don't be afraid to outsource. Protect your brand. Be selective of who you invest your time in.Keep your paperwork organized and set aside a % of your earnings for tax season.Collaborate with others you believe in and who believe in you. Ask for feedback and use it. What can you improve? What should be highlighted?

B: What is your mission behind Sincerely Image

R: My mission is to support and uplift underrepresented people. I’m talking mothers (of all kinds), BIPOC, POC, LGBTQ, small business owners, lonely trailblazers...

B: Do you have a morning routine? If yes, describe it.

R: I actually don't have much of a routine going because it varies based on whether my hubby is off work or not! Mainly, it's a lot of baby stuff, making a quick breakfast and then getting myself zoom call ready for my 9-5 WFH job.

B: What do you do on days where you feel like you’re having a brain freeze?

R: I'll let the off days happen and try not to fight it. If I'm working on something and I feel stuck, I need to stop and just give it time. Ideas don't usually come to me when I'm forcing it. When the time is right, it just flows.

"When things get really busy, don't be afraid to outsource. Protect your brand. Be selective of who you invest your time in."

B: What is your mission statement?

R: To do the best work I can to thrive in my life, to learn life's lessons, raise great humans and to positively impact those around me.

B: Who are your biggest inspirations?

R: My past self and future self.

B: What is one thing you would share to those who want to become a Photographer/UX Designer?

R: In these industries, you have to have something to show. That portfolio should be your main focus when you're starting out. Ask yourself, "What kind of work do I want to do? Fashion photography? Get fashionable friends to stand in as your subject. Want to improve how the instagram app is used? Do a case study on it. And once you figure out which direction you want to go, work to have samples of that as proof of what you are capable of.

B: What is your social media handle and available contact information?


Are you a female entrepreneur who wants to share their story and participate in #TribeThursdays? Email us here:


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